Reviewing procedure

1. At least two independent reviewers from outside the Central Archives of Historical Records – AGAD) are appointed for the evaluation of each volume.

2. In the case of foreign-language texts, at least one of the reviewers is affiliated to foreign institution other than the nationality of the author of the text.

3. The author (s) and reviewers do not know their identity (ie. „Double-blind review process”) or – in the case of the transfer of to review texts that bear the creator’s name – Reviewer is obliged to sign a declaration certifying that there is no conflict of interest . For the conflict of interest shall be deemed direct personal relationships (kinship, legal, conflict) between the reviewer and the author, a professional superior-subordinate relationship or direct scientific cooperation in the past two years preceding the review.

4. Review must be in writing and end with an explicit recommendation for admission (or rejection) of the article for publication.

5. The list of reviewers is published on the journal’s website.

6. Reviewing form.